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“Loved my first stay at Thunder Lake! Such a beautiful, unspoiled, unpretentious, quiet place. This cabin is perfect – wonderful view, great, accommodations. Thank you!

Fishing was super fun and something relatively new to me. Cathine that first time – who put up a fight I might add. Was exhilarating!

Mostly I just loved the beautiful lake & trees and quiet time with my guy in this easy, comfortable place. Would love to come back.

Thank you!”

– Mary

Date (when) arrived: 8/11/18 departed : 8/18/18

The weather / temperature was: The week was perfect.

Guest/ Visitors (who): Mark, Jill, Marc, Alex

What I (we) did: We fished, Fair, big springs, Camel Riders, Fires

Who I met (friends and creatures): The Eagle was on the Lake, Humming Birds, a porcupine, Deer, Turkey

Projects/chores: getting up in the mornings.

Favorite moments/special highlights (fun): Loved the Cabin had a great time, see ya in 2020

Date (when) arrived: 9/9/18 departed: 9/15/18

The weather / temperature was: Excellent, sunshine daily /c temps 75-80

Guest/ Visitors (who): Bo & Mary, Becky & Cluckie – and their 4 legged child – Seruffy.

What I (we) did: Watched the birds (hummers, wood-peckers, chickadees, nuthatches. Fished (Large Pike, Bass, Croppie, Perch, Sun Fish. Day Trips to Escanaba, Seney Refuge, Kitch-iti-kipi and Casino. Bo won $2,000 on video poker hit 2 royale flushes!

Who I met (friends and creatures): A friendly toad, Eagle – each am 9:30 – 10:00. Deer across the lake.

Projects/chores: Made the beds, made coffee, washed cups. Learned to use a Lure & Troll.

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun): The amount of fish we caught was more this week than all summer home. Days spent on day trips – Seney very nice – 30 swans, Loons, Sand Hill Crane. Largest trout ever seen were at Kitchiti-Kipi.

Date (when) arrived: 8/1/20 departed: 8/8/20

The weather / temperature was: Beautiful! Most days in the 70’s, a few cooler evenings and one day in the 60’s with wind.

Guest/ Visitors (who): Family of 5. Chad, Tami, Kaite, Faith + Paul Griffey.

What I (we) did: My parents have two cabins on Thunder Lake and with siblings/inlaws, nieces/nephews + parents we needed a third place for the weel so we rented here. Lots of fun on the lake: Fishing Northern Pike, trout fishing, along a river, skiing/tubing, cornhole, games, campfires, time with family 🙂 Shopped in Escanaba too.

Who I met (friends and creatures): Neighbors on the lake, kids have enjoyed the frogs. My husband saw a bear near camp 7 road , 50 – 60 yards from him.

Projects/chores: Blueberry Picking – they were scarce this year. Enough to put in blueberry pancakes. Each family took a night to make/serve supper. Mostly keep up with the kids and relax!

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun): Took tons of fun pictures – things were very active with 10 kids ages 12 years down 10 months. The sunsets are a favorite view from this side of the lake!! 🙂

We were blessed to enjoy another family vacation at Thunder Lake! a great time to refresh, recharge, relax and enjoy God’s Beautiful Creation. I’ve been to Thunder Lake every year of my life and I’m 42. Thankful for the memories!


Date (when) arrived: 6/8/19 departed: 6/9/19

The weather / temperature was: Blue skies, sunshine, gentle breeze, high 70’s

Guest/ Visitors (who): Pete, Joyce – Michiganders Goldie, Carol Jean – Corn Huskers (NE)

What I (we) did:  Munising & Pictured Rocks Cruise, Big Spring; Linda’s Bread Box for ice cream, bonfire.

Who I met (friends and creatures):  Joe (owner) hummingbirds, buzzard, heard a pileated woodpecker.

Projects/chores: Our biggest chore was moving lawn chairs to the bonfire and back!

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun): Nice cabin and friendly hosts. Would definitely recommend to our family and friends. It doesn’t get any more beautiful and peaceful than this!

Date (when) arrived: 9/15/2018 departed: 9/22/2018

The weather / temperature was: 60’s evenings 70’s day just the way we like it!

What I (we) did:  Ate at Clyde’s – great hamburgers; fished in Thunder Lake with boat & motor. Didn’t catch anything the first evening except a beautiful sunset.

Projects/chores: Searching for land to buy.

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun): cabin was so cute! Great view.

Date (when) arrived: 9-17-19 departed: 9-20-19

The weather / temperature was: Clear-Sunny (yet windy) Temps 60 – mid seventies – Windy

Guest/visitors (who):  Mary & Bo, Becky & Chuck (seniors) Scruffy Bec’s 4 leg BFF. 2nd year here @ Thunderlake Cabin #3

What I (we) did: Fished and relaxed – Boys caught plenty Pike using “Little Cleo” and trolling. Grilled out & chuck made great breakfasts. Drove to Seney Wild Life Refuge – Saw Swans, Loons, otters, Sand Hill Cranes. Did see a deer.

Who I met (friends and creatures): Joe & Sue Great Hosts!

Projects/chores: None – Just enjoy the fishing and company, nature.

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun):  Thurs past 12pm when the Lake Calm (still has glass) – Great fishing.

Date (when) arrived: 9-28-19 departed: 10-5-19

The weather / temperature was: 50’s to 60s during the day / chilly at night & a few relaxing days.

Guest/ Visitors (who): Chuck & Sidie

What I (we) did: Went fishing and caught 1/2 dozen pike, a perch, nice large mouth bass and some blue gill. (all were released) P.s. Chuck said the pike are biting really well.

Who I met (friends and creatures):  Gal, Sue & Dutchess. (Excellent hosts!!) Seen quite a few deer & wild turkeys.

Projects/chores: Tried to keep chores to a minimum. Main projects fishing and riding our ATV’s through the awesome trails.

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun): Besides riding & fishing we enjoyed our few fires & BBQing with several families.


“First trip to Thunder Lake. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the quiet. Tallon enjoyed being able to go swimming and fishing whenever he wanted. Very relaxing place to be and looking forward to coming back in the future.

Thank you, Joe & Sue.”

From the Lemmons Family.

Date (when) arrived: August 8th  departed: August 22nd 2020

Guest/ Visitors (who): Jill, Mark, Marc & Alex. Enjoyed our stay as always. Look forward in coming back in the future! Thanks Joe & Sue!

Date (when) arrived: 05/25/2018 departed: 05/28/2018

The weather / temperature was: 75 F

Guest/visitors (who):  Narendra / Malalgoda / Vidura / Jayasooriya

What I (we) did: Visited all the places around , paddle boating & just relaxed.

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun):  Love this place & definitely we will come back to this wonderful location.

Date (when) arrived: July 12 & 13

The weather / temperature was:  Quite warm

Guest/ Visitors (who):  Eric, Krystal, Trinity, Mariah , Maxx, Alex, Endy , Mom & Ernie came to visit us too.

What I (we) did: Big Spring, Manistique, Fayette State Park, Pictured Rocks, and lots swimming, boating, hiking, and campfires.

Who I met (friends and creatures): One crazy little Chipmunk.

Projects/chores: Doing things together – As one big happy family.

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun):  It’s so peaceful here and the sunrise / sunsets are beautiful.

Date (when) arrived: Aug 3 ’18 Departed: Aug 6 ’18

The weather / temperature was:  70’s – 80’s
rainy, cloudy, sunny (a mix)

Guest/ Visitors (who):  Aga & Matt / Zeke & Collin

What I (we) did: Relaxed. Hiked @ Indian take State Park (South Shore) @ Hiawatha National Forest (Bruno’s Trail) Walked our dogs along trails hear the cabin. Checked out TAP 21 Brewery in Manistique.

Who I met (friends and creatures): Bike Shop Owner

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun): Bruno’s Run trail is a 10 mi trail with beautiful scenery, we only hiked ~ 6 miles but well worth it! Very nice owners! Helpful & understanding.

“-Cabin was beautiful & more than we expected. Would recommend to others & possibly stay again.

-Joe & Sue were soooo nice and helpful. A pleasure to meet. Thanks for everything.

-Suggest Saturday to Saturday rentals as it is difficult to do the Friday to Friday when traveling from further away when working that day. Just an option.

-Bed was really comfortable – loved the hot water that didn’t take long to heat up too.

-Idea – fish cleaning station for all to use.

Overall – Loved it here!!!”

“Thank you for a clean cabin with everything we needed!!”






Date (when) arrived: Aug 10, 2018 Departed: Aug 17, 2018

The weather / temperature was:  85* Sunny , little rain on Tuesday

Guest/ Visitors (who):  Chris & Roz Schneider – Shelby Twp, Michigan

What I (we) did: We fished, swam, went to the Escanaba fair, dinner at Camel Riders. On Sunday our sister & brother – in law + 2 kids who were in cabin #3, we picked blueberries. Blueberry pancakes for breakfast….yum!!! On the 2nd day Chris sliced his finger on the prop getting the boat in, so 16 stitches later, but it didn’t stop him from fishing. 😉

Who I met (friends and creatures): Saw 2 Eagles in trees, 4 loons, turtles, bobbing their heads as they were in the water.

Projects/chores: We cleaned alot of the fish, just about every day. Joe & Sue our hosts were wonderful, they were very attentive to our needs to make our week here at Thunder Lake Memorable.

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun):  These cabins are very nice. We have been coming here for 30 years. Updated insides with air conditioning is truly comfortable.

Thanks, Sue & Joe, had a great time!
Liz & Chris

Date (when) arrived: 9/10/19 Departed: 9/17/19

The weather / temperature was: perfect: warm, cool, cloudy, a few storms, calm, sunny, overcast.

Guest/ Visitors (who):  John & Stan Veldt – longtime Thunder Lake visitors since 1965 (John was 3 yrs. old!). John stove Stan back to G.R. Thursday morning, picked up Mary H. , and returned by 10p.m. Thursday night.

What I (we) did:  lots of fishing, Dutch blitz, Scrabble, reminiscing, walk to Upper Thunder, starting at the lake, Full moon on Friday the 13th, Clyde’s in Manistique, Kitchitikipi, Bananagrams, boat rides.

Toured Cabin #3 – wow! Can’t wait to see what Joe does with Cabin #4 this winter!

Who I met (friends and creatures): Joe & Susan – great hosts! Eagles, snakes, hummingbirds

Projects/chores: Getting Stan in and out of the boat. At age 88, he admits he doesn’t have many trips left.

Teaching Mary to fish. She learned quickly; pike, sunfish, bluegill, rock bass, and a monster perch!

Favorite moments/specials highlights (fun):
1. Catching the 18″ , 3 1/2 # large mouth that broke Stan’s line
2. Watching Mary boat a 12″ perch in the channel.
3. Eating above all mentioned 🙂


“Weather was in the 50s and 60s, chilly nights and a few rain days.

Went fishing and caught pike, perch, largemouth bass, and bluegill.

Pike were hitting really well!

We met Sue, Joe & Dutchess (Excellent Host!!!)

Seen quite a few deer and turkeys.

Loved the fishing, bonfires, riding our A.T.V’S through the awesome trails, BBQing with the family, and the peace and serenity of nature. BTW Beautiful cabin!”

Chuck & Siblie


“Warm and sunny week!

Loved the whole week and getting away from the city!

This place was amazing! We enjoyed fishing, hiking, sightseeing and just hanging out!

Creatures we seen or heard- lots of fish, baby bear, wolverine (looked like.)”

Tami, Evie, Faelyn, Michael, Joe, Jenna, Gregory.

“We stayed in cabin 3 from August 8 – August 22 2020 we had a great time. Cabins are clean, had everything in cabin I needed, Sue and Joe and duchess are the best! Going back for two weeks in 2022.”
Skeen family Vacation